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WATER The Life 

Why do we drink water?

Because it is our basic need without water we can’t live more than 2 or 3 days. Water has some minerals that give us energy. Read more Importance of water

What are the sources we are using for drinking water? Or what are the ways? 

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  1. Tab water
  2. 20 ltr Bottle from the local purifier
  3. Boiling water
  4. R.O. water (branded purifiers)
  5. 1 ltr bottle (Bisleri, himalya, etc)
  6. Groundwater (Borewell, handpump)

What are the Mistakes we do while drinking water?

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  1. Drinking in a standing position leads to legs pain
  2. Carrying in plastic bottles leads to pollution and somehow also not safe for water also
  3. Gulping down water quickly
  4. Drink not enough water

What are impurities should be filtered? And how?

  1. Inorganic ions (typically monitored as electrical conductivity or resistivity or specific tests)
  2. Organic compounds (typically monitored as TOC or by specific tests)
  3. Bacteria (monitored by total viable counts or epifluorescence)
  4. Endotoxins and nucleases (monitored by LAL or specific enzyme tests)
  5. Particulates (typically controlled by filtration)
  6. Gases (typically managed by degassing when required)

What does healthy water consist of (not pure or mineral water)?

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  1. Iron
  2. Zinc
  3. Copper
  4. Iodine
  5. Calcium
  6. Phosphorus
  7. Magnesium
  8. Fluoride
  9. Sodium, potassium and chloride

pH should be between pH6.5 and pH7.5 (according to WHO)

If you want to go deep down in minerals and properties of water then read this WHO report.

How can we measure it at home by ourselves? Have you ever do this?

Measure TDS (total dissolving solid) with TDS meter

  • Drinking water should be below 300TDS not less than 100 not more than 500

(according to WHO)

Purchase TDS meter but don’t faith blindly make sure after some TDS meter is working properly.

What is the solution?

How do we get pure water at home, outside the home?

  1. Watch this video for the easiest and effective method of drinking water(not pure, or mineral water)
  2. Nirnal portable water filter  or vist official site

In which we should store water?

  1. Clay pot (not polished)
  2. Glass pots

Always carry with you Copper bottles, glass, bamboo,

How do we have to drink and how much in a day?

  1. Always sit when drink
  2. Drink sip by sip
  3. Time to time
  4. For Women 2 to 3 ltr, For men 3 to 4 ltr (6 to 8 glass)